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Puppy Dogs' Tales.

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Puppy Dogs' Tales
Nine short stories of boyhood adventures in a mid-twentieth century Yorkshire village.

One hundred and twenty pages filled with stories from a simpler time when children were free to play outside. Illustrated with six monochrome plates and cartoons from my own pen.

Old Three Laps.

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Old Three Laps has been called Yorkshire's own "Rip Van Winkle".
The book is the result of many hours of complex research and it explores this nineteenth century legend, providing hitherto unknown or ignored details, including genealogies of the SHARP and SMITH families who were at the centre of the story. I also suggest from the evidence collected an alternative reason for Old Three Laps taking to his bed for decades.

Perhaps you may be a relative of the those involved or connected in some other way to the story. Read the book and discover for yourself.

A Pack Of Six Illustrated 

Comic Notelets.



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Verses Include:


Will He Woggle.

Far Too Good For Surrey.

'Ang 'Em And Flog 'Em.

Suther Billy Fireworks.



Billy and the Preposterous Pachyderms.

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Our Billy

Billy and the Preposterous Pachyderms

When duty called Our Billy served on the briny foam
And with it done to distant lands he vowed no more to roam.
He, elephants could not forget this country they did comb
Until their erstwhile chum they found and settled near his home.

Billy meets his Pachyderm Pals in the most unlikely places. Twenty four page booklet of rhymes, monologues and cartoons for you to believe should you be so inclined.

Sutton Jimmy Said.

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The Man Himself

Sutton Jimmy Said
Twenty four page booklet of his insightful wit and wisdom accompanied by rhyme and monologue including:

"Dumplings", "Neet Soil",
"The Battle O' Britain", "Little Boy" and others, all illustrated by cartoons from my own pen.
Sutton Jimmy Says Some More.

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Sutton Jimmy Says Some More
Twenty more page booklet of his unique wit and wisdom accompanied by rhyme and monologue including:

"Flitting", "Against Terror",
"The North South Divide" and others, all illustrated by cartoons from my own pen.

Purchases may be made by sending cheque or postal order to:
Steven J Smith, Stone Bridge House, 58 Windsor Street, Colne, Lancashire, UK, BB8 9LD.

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